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€19,250 raised since 1 April 2016

Building Knowledge Fund’s first goal is to install a 1:1 scale prototype of Full Fill Homes at The Venice Architectural Biennale 2016. It is a low-cost, lightweight, resilient housing solution that is as relevant to cities as rural areas, to disaster zones as to student housing.

The process of ‘Building Knowledge’ doesn’t just begin or end with the installation at the Venice Biennale.

During our last Biennale installation, in 2012, we carried out a study on the waste that this massive temporary exhibition creates.  In order to minimise our waste output this year, we are recycling material from the 2015 Art Biennale’s German Pavilion to build our installation and,  through collaboration with Rebiennale, a local team of activists, will reconstruct it post exhibition to make it fit for use by the homeless people in nearby Marghera. This double recycling project will be developed through two workshops which are open to applicants worldwide through the University Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid.

Your donations will help us achieve the following:

  • Test and optimise the prototype elements at the Technical University Berlin’s engineering department, through collaboration between skilled ferrocement masons from India and engineers from Germany
  • Support the activists of Rebiennale Venice by including them in the double recycling process, as well as knowledge exchange
  • Reinstall the after-life of this prototype atthe end of the Biennale exhibition; in a suitable location in Marghera, as a working prototype of a housing unit that homeless people could build for themselves
  • Document the prototypes and the process through video and photography, so that these can be disseminated, to continue ‘building knowledge’