About ‘Building Knowledge’

‘Building Knowledge’ is an initiative created by the architect Anupama Kundoo.

She says: “the key to building an affordable future is surely education; and not only increasing access to formal education, but understanding how to prioritise lifestyle issues and moderate consumption patterns.  We have to learn to discriminate between the necessary and the superfluous, so that cities not only survive, but thrive.
My architectural projects over the last 25 years have been both about researching and developing affordable housing solutions, as well as about sharing this knowledge and deepening it in collaboration with those across the built environment community: craftspeople, engineers, designers, students, manufacturers and users.  To me, knowledge is empowerment and successful architecture is the outcome of this ‘building knowledge’.”


Photograph copyright Andreas Deffner

Building Community

The process of ‘Building Knowledge’ has involved many people along the way. What started as an architectural vision quickly turned into a community aspiration that drew people from all walks of life and different parts of the world and absorbed their contributions. The sheer initiative and motivation shown by our supporters who have generously donated their time, skills and expertise has reassured us that our vision and effort is wanted by the community.
After over 5 years of research, ‘Building Knowledge’ is not just an architectural project backed by peers, but a global project backed by people who believe in finding solutions together for bringing housing ‘back to the people’, people working with the environment rather than against it.

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Photograph copyright Andreas Deffner