Preparing material transportation from Tamil Nadu to Venice

Building Knowledge Journal Auroville 2016

Poorni, Sathish, and Santhosh among others are responsible for carefully weighing all material samples for the research display at the Biennale.


Meanwhile in India… Coloured Surfaces for ferrocement elements

Building Knowledge Journal Auroville 2016

Far from Venice, in a little village near Auroville, our team of artisans and craftsmen are diligently imbibing coloured oxide poweders into ferro-cement tiles! Who would have thought that cement could look that pretty?

Visit to the site of installation

Venice 2016

It is very emotional to be in the very same spot where we had installed in 2012, where the sand had been compacted under the central wooden strip. This section of the floor is stronger than all the rest of the floor and can support a full scale architecture prototype.
Our team has met with other collaborators in Venice: The la Biennale team, engineer Enzo Magris and the Rebiennale group who have collected recycled material on our behalf, and who will help us recycle our installation in Marghera nearby